The End of Hobby Frontier

26 09 2009

It has been a good solid 2.5 years since Hobby Frontier started, we had offered help to bid and buy over 2000 items. But life has caught up to us, we are no longer have enough time to keep up with the service. After a few months of thinking it over, we decided it is time to let Hobby Frontier go.

So starting from today, Hobby Frontier will no longer accept any requests. For those who still have their items with us, please don’t worry, we will sort them all out and get them ready to ship off as soon as possible, so expect the invoices and tracking numbers!

We had a good time providing the service to you all, let’s hope everyone can find another service to help you continue the quest of item hunting! We wish you all the best! Thank you!

Hobby Frontier

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